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We’ve created a FAQ section to assist you with the most commonly asked questions about our Telematics Solutions, GPS Tracker Devices and Car Infotainment Systems. Just click on the question below to view the answer. If your question has not been answered below, please call 8010-80-8010 or email us at care AT trakntell DOT com, and we will gladly assist you with your query as soon as possible.

FAQs about IntelliPlay Android Stereo Systems

Yes, IntelliPlay Car Infotainment System includes a built-in 4G LTE Hotspot. Your mobile can connect to the system via WiFi. You can use the music system’s data instead of your mobile as the system has its own SIM. It also supports Bluetooth handsfree calling, and it can sync your contact list.

Yes, IntelliPlay Car Infotainment System has an AV Out and it can be connected with an Amplifier or Speaker of your choice. This depends on the type of speakers you wish to use in your car.

1. If your sub-woofer is a passive speaker then it needs an amplifier to work. In this case you can connect the AV out from IntelliPlay Head unit to the AV in of the amplifier. Then connect the amplifier AV out to your sub-woofer AV in, and/or other speakers depending on the Wattage of your AMP and speakers.

2. If your sub-woofer is an active speaker then your sub-woofer already would have an in-built amplifier. In this case too, the sub-woofer must have an AV input which can connect to the AV out of our IntelliPlay head unit.

The IntelliPlay Head Unit comes with:

– 4 speaker outputs (8 wires)
– 1 RCA (2 wires)

So, it can drive speakers as well as Amplifier. You may connect additional speakers via the Amp:

– Hi-Pass for Speakers
– Low-Pass for Sub-woofers


No, reverse camera is not included in the IntelliPlay Android Car Player kit, but it is compatible with most factory-fitted and after-market reverse cameras.  For best performance, use an AHD camera.

FAQs about our GPS Tracker Products

A GPS Vehicle Tracking System consists primarily of a GPS device along with a GSM modem. The device continually monitors its current location via the on-board GPS chip and transmits that information over GPRS using the on-board GSM modem. Our devices that also monitor various other components of the vehicle such as ignition, AC, door, fuel, RPM, engine hour, distance traveled, etc.

Since a GPS Vehicle Tracking System consists of a GPS, it knows the exact location of the vehicle at all times. Once you know the exact location of the vehicle, you can always go and recover your stolen vehicle.

In most cases, a stolen vehicle is unrecoverable because most thieves alter the engine and chassis number and either dismantle the vehicle to sell off the parts, or sell it off to a buyer who is not concerned about the local law enforcement authorities. Therefore, it is imperative to recover the vehicle before this happens. Time is of essence and knowing the exact location is the only way to recover the vehicle within hours of the theft.

In India, a FIR is not lodged until a few days have passed, which is more than enough for the vehicle to be dismantled or sold off.

Yes. As long as you put a working SIM, a GPS vehicle tracker will work all over the world. Please keep in mind that GPS (satellite) signals are not strong enough to penetrate concrete and other such materials. Therefore, a GPS Vehicle Tracking System will not work in basements. However, it will capture the GPS signal before the vehicle enters the basement and after it exits the basement. Therefore, you can easily locate your vehicle even if it is parked in a basement.

No. Since a GPS Vehicle Tracking System requires a working SIM card, it will not work in areas with no cellular network coverage. we offer a GPS tracker with on-board memory. In areas where there is no cellular network coverage, our device will store the information in the on-board memory and will transmit this information when it gets cellular network coverage.

Yes. Some basements do not have GSM coverage. Our devices have built-in memory to store data when in areas with weak or no GSM signals. When the vehicle reaches an area with good GSM coverage, it transmits the data from memory.

Also, GPS signals can not penetrate concrete. In such cases, our system will report the Last Known Location which is the last time the device had GPS signal. If your vehicle is stolen and parked inside a concrete facility, you can still use Trak N Tell Intelli7 to locate the building and recover your vehicle instantly.

Trak N Tell is compatible with many GPS Trackers manufactured by various companies scattered all over the world. Please contact us to find out if your device is compatible with Trak N Tell Intelli7. Please mention the name of the company you purchased it from and the model number.

Yes. We offer our Classic model with a hi-capacity battery, an automotive (cigarette lighter) charger and a home/office AC adaptor. On a single charge, it can work for 48-72 hours. A lot of our logistics clients use it as their fleet management solutions.

Yes. We offer our Classic model with a hi-capacity battery, an automotive (cigarette lighter) charger and a home/office AC adaptor. On a single charge, it can work for 10 days. A lot of our customers use it for tracking their sales force, security guards, collection agents, etc.

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