GPS Tracker for Kids: Tracking Device for Kids with SIM Card

GPS Tracker for Kids: Tracking Device for Kids with SIM Card

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GPS Tracker for kids is ideal if you wish to track your children while they are away from you or out of sight. If you have kids with an active lifestyle keeping them out of home for long hours during the day, our tracking device for kids can help you avoid stressing over their whereabouts. With a long battery life that last around 3 days on a single charge, this GPS Kids tracker is compact and easy to hide in their bag. The kids tracker device comes with a range of fantastic features and an in-built SIM card that ensure you’re able to monitor your kids easily. This Asset tracking device is also an excellent GPS tracker for Alzheimer’s patients who tend to be forgetful and at times walk away from their location. You can track any family member with this asset tracker.

GPS kids location tracking
Long battery life
90 days path history report
SOS Panic button
Over-speeding alerts
Geo-fence alerts
SIM card subscription

Reviews (12)

12 reviews for GPS Tracker for Kids: Tracking Device for Kids with SIM Card

  1. Reema Wadhwa

    This is a good product- works accurate much better than the cheap imported smart watches that you get nowadays. We are happy with trak n tell kids tracker.

  2. Nidhi Sharma

    This is one of the best GPS tracking devices for children. Earlier I have used several other GPS devices.
    The device is easy to setup and use. Battery lasts around days on full charge. Also, the app features are really good. I bought it for my 6 years old daughter.

  3. Rohit Khandelwal

    I am satisfied with this product. At first, the App showed battery was draining fast, but customer support adjusted the App notifications frequency and that settled the problem. Battery lasts around 3 days on full charge which is good enough for us. Thank you.

  4. Banchika Bhawnani

    I have been using this tracker for almost 3 months now. It’s very efficient, easy to install, user friendly and it tracks my kid’s location precisely. I like all the features specially SOS button. Alert is quick and accurate. The app is very professionally made, giving insights one can get from gps. I strongly recommend this product.

  5. Mannat

    This product has helped me a lot as I often feel concerned when my elder daughter is out of the house. She is 14 year old and very active, and this device gives me feeling of comfort knowing where my kid is. Thanks trak and tell 🙂

  6. Vikram Bhasin

    Both my sons are playing sports and often out of the house on training. I keep kids tracker in their bags and it allows me to keep an eye on their locations. Its very handy and has good features ensuring safety.

  7. Sudhir Mehra

    We are using this tracker for my daughter who goes for basketball tournaments to different cities with her school team. This really gives us clear idea of where she is with her team and coach.

  8. Shekhar

    Superb tracker for kids – my daughter goes to a new school in Gurgaon, and dance classes after that. I use this wonderful product to keep an eye. Even when she is on out of school visits or playing with friends, this tracker is useful.

  9. Sujata

    Me and my husband are working professionals, and we have been using this kids tracker for last 4 months, it is working well and we feel secure knowing we can keep track of our son with this device in his bag.

  10. Radhika

    I bought the kids tracker for my daughter as she was going on a summer camp. Thanks to this device, I felt confident and comfortable while my daughter was away from home for 5 days. It’s accurate and allows tracking every movement of my girl.

  11. Anand

    Our daughter had a summer camp, and we wanted to be aware of her movements. So, we bought this kids tracking device and packed it in her travel bag. She was away for a week and needed to charge the tracker only once. We were able to setup some alerts that send notifications to my mobile phone. We use this device everyday now as she has activities through the day. Good product.. really recommended.

  12. Vandana

    My girl is starting school so I bought the device and till now I am finding it useful to know her location when she is not home.

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Product Description

Our GPS Tracker for kids comes with a handy mobile App that connects to the Kids tracker inside your child’s bag or pocket. Using the mobile App, you can make a virtual fence around your kids’ location, and get real time notifications if your child goes in and out of this virtual fence. The SOS Panic Button allows your kids to alert you if they need urgent attention. The GPS Tracker for kids tracks the speed of the vehicle they are traveling in, and provides instant alerts if it crosses the speed limit.

With the path history report, you can discover the exact places your kids have been. The kids tracking device works with a SIM card that offers 24/7 connectivity. Once synchronised with the Trak N Tell App, the GPS Kids Tag provides real-time data on your smartphone. The tracking device for kids has a long battery life that lasts up to 3 days on a single battery charge. Trak N Tell offers a variety of features with this product to ensure the safety of your family members. For further information on our GPS Kids tracker you may contact us on 8010-80-8010.

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