How GPS Tracker Works: Features of Trak N Tell

How GPS Tracker Works: Features of Trak N Tell

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Nowadays, being on the road is not as safe as it used to be. According to the Road Accident Report for 2019, a total number of 449,002 accidents took place in the country during the calendar year 2019 leading to 151,113 deaths and 451,361 injuries.

Cars used to be a privilege for the elite class, but not anymore! While Indian roads are better than before, there are many more cars out. While traffic laws are more stringent, there are more rash drivers than before causing unnecessary accidents. Are you a rash driver?

Smartphones with bluetooth connectivity offer great connectivity and in-car entertainment, but it also means that you are more distracted while driving and you may be putting others as well as yourself at risk!

Covid-19 has surely reduced the number of cars on the road, as more people work from home. However, with the growing economic issues due to the pandemic, there is an increase in crime rate such as car theft. Have you ever had your vehicle stolen? 

How GPS Tracker Works

With a growing need for road and vehicle safety, GPS vehicle trackers are used widely for both personal and business needs. From vehicle location to engine health and driver behaviour, GPS trackers offer a variety of features that help you learn more about the vehicle. The device syncs with your Smartphone and allows you to monitor your vehicle and the driver remotely anywhere, anytime. Whether it is your family member or an employee driving your car, you can track them 24/7 with our GPS tracker for Car.

There are many players in the market that offer tracking devices. Some import the product and sell it under their brand while some are OEMs that manufacture the product and design their own software to support the product. At Trak N Tell, we offer you only Made In India Vehicle Telematics and IOT solutions.

Our GPS vehicle trackers are easy to install and use. You can personalise the device to your needs and ensure the safety of your vehicle and your loved ones. Trak N Tell has been serving its customers for nearly a decade. With state-of-the-art vehicle telematics solutions, Trak N Tell is fast spreading its brand name across the globe too. In this article we help you discover some of the key features of our GPS Trackers.

  1. Car Location Finder: Imagine parking your car in a shopping mall or a multi-story complex and forgetting where you parked it. No worries! Open the Trak N Tell App on your mobile and find your car with just a simple touch. Intelli7 or Intelli7+ , our GPS trackers for cars have this feature.

2. Car Engine Health: If you drive a car, naturally, you are concerned about the health of your car engine. Trak N Tell Trakpod can be used by simply plugging in to the OBD port of your car. It keeps track of the engine health, and reports any issues through car analytics via the Trak N Tell app. 

  1. Bluetooth Key Tracker? Well in this case you can always pick up a bluetooth key tracker by Trak N Tell and be sure you never lose your car keys again. Attach the key tracker to your keys and track them using the App. You can use the anti-loss option so it alerts you the minute you walk away leaving your keys behind.
Intelli1 Bluetooth Keychain Tracker
  1. Over Speeding Alert: This is a very useful feature in our GPS Tracker for Cars, as it prevents rash driving and over-speeding with real-time speed alerts every time your vehicle crosses the speed limit you set. No matter who drives your car – you’ll know when it crosses the speed limit. 

5. Panic Button Alert: In case of any emergency, you or the car driver can simply press the panic button that sends an alert along with the exact vehicle location to the registered mobile phone. This allows you and the car driver to feel secure no matter when and where they are travelling.

6. Impact Calling Option: The Intelli7 can handle panics with its alert calling option. If there is any kind of impact, it directly makes a call to the registered mobile phone giving instant impact alert.

7. Geofence Notification: With this awesome feature, you can create a virtual boundary where you often park your car. You will receive an alert on your phone any time your vehicle enters or exits the Geo-fence.

8. Engine Immobilizer: If your car is moving without your knowledge or if it has been stolen, you can simply bring your car to a standstill using the immobilizer option on the GPS Car Tracker connected to your Mobile App. Then using the car locator feature, you can easily recover your car.

9. In-car entertainment: perhaps you have a car but not the best in-car entertainment system. CDs are too old, using your hand-held device is too risky and at times your phone battery is running low. With the IntelliPlay Car Android Player, you can not only enjoy Live streaming on the go, but with the in-built 4G SIM, you can even make calls from your car.

See Live Demo below by one of our many customers.

Are these enough reasons for you to grab one of these handy Trak N Tell devices?

Drive safe!

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